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Waifu Auto Commission (⚠️READ DESCRIPTION⚠️)

Waifu Auto Commission (⚠️READ DESCRIPTION⚠️)

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What you are getting:

You are commissioning me to draw a car of your choosing paired up with one waifu of your choosing. When it is finished, you will be given access to an HD image and the PSD file. An 11"x17" art print will also be included and shipped to your address.

Please select any of the next available slots to reserve your spot in line. I will work my way down from #1 to #6. The amount of time you'll be waiting may vary drastically depending on your position as it takes me anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to finish a single commission.

Once you purchase a commission, I will contact you via email as soon as I can. Please check your spam folder as it sometimes ends up there.

Please Note:

1. This is not a commission for business/commercial purposes. You are free to do as you please with the art as long as you aren't mass producing it as product with the intent of selling, or using it for marketing.

2. Anime women only. I understand this is a strange one. But my whole niche is pairing up your car with your favorite waifu. Id like to keep it that way in order to keep my process streamlined.

3. As much as I would love too, I will not be accepting commissions for vehicles with full liveries or Itashas at this time. As cool as they are, it essentially doubles my work load.

4. Revisions are limited to smaller details. I will not accept requests for larger revisions such as changing the position of the vehicle or character.

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